Presides over the largest state Senate caucus in America

Springfield – Today Illinois State Senator John J. Cullerton was elected to a third term as President of the Illinois Senate. In his inaugural address, Cullerton stressed to members that reforming the state’s financially troubled pension system is the top policy priority.

Cullerton also filed Senate Bill 1, a comprehensive reform plan that combines both the Illinois House and Senate models for overhauling the pension finances. In his speech, Cullerton urged quick and bipartisan action.

“This issue has lingered for generations and threatens to doom future generations if something isn’t done. We are on the verge of our state budget turning into a financial plan that funds pension benefits rather than essential services.”

Cullerton also called for a revamping of the state’s economic development agency, saying it was time to create a public-private partnership and involve actual business leaders in setting state economic and business policies. Cullerton then pledged to advance legislation.

“Today Senate Bill 2 will be filed to remodel the department of commerce and economic opportunity through a public-private partnership that will bring real-world business effectiveness to our policies. This approach worked in other states and it’s past time we do it here.”

Cullerton gave the address as the largest Senate caucus in America and the largest Senate Democratic caucus in the history of the state of Illinois was sworn in.