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Best online casinoDear Neighbors:

Thank you for visiting my website. As Illinois State Senator for the 6th District, I am happy to provide my constituents and friends with this resourceful guide to Illinois and the district.

This website is designed to provide you with updates on the legislative actions in Springfield as well as local events in our community. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding state government, please feel free to contact me. I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


John J. Cullerton
Illinois Senate President (retired)

How money affects US policy

When it comes to the financial management of the normal activity of political parties in the USA, many things need to be done in this regard. This is very necessary, given the disappointment of many citizens with the current political situation in the USA districts.

Same Day Loans Illinois

Illinois Residents are welcome to apply for instant payday loans and pay for their financial needs as soon as possible. Now, emergency expenses aren’t a problem anymore!

New Initiative: loans for any types of credit scores

Senator John Cullerton details a new initiative concerning loans. He aims to make loans more available for Illinois people with all types of credit scores. Learn more

How much will spend on the election of Senate deputies in Illinois

The Central Electoral Commission said today that the early parliamentary elections will cost the budget about $125 million, significantly less than the two rounds of last year's presidential elections in Illinois. The approximate estimate of expenditure was sent to the provisional government to find sources of funding.

Online Payday Loans in Illinois

The technology era allows Illinois people to borrow money online and solve their financial problems in no time. Find the best interest rates and forget about your debts.

Small cash advances - a comprehensive solution for new families

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton claimed a complete solution for new families. Find out more about small cash advances available for all borrowers. Learn more

2020 Wrapped - The impact of the pandemic on the financial market

2020 was the most challenging year of the past decades. Read about the impact of the new virus that exploded the most on the health system and the financial market.

Developing financial opportunities for Illinois

There are a lot of financial possibilities for Illinois residents who need funds to survive till their paycheck. Senator Cullerton presents them all in an extended initiative.

The first step to economic recovery: no teletrack payday loans

A new initiative from Senator John J. Cullerton was detailed today. No teletrack payday loans are a small step to recover the economic system of Illinois. Learn more

Senator Cullerton’s Career Milestones

Senator Cullerton’s Biography contains milestones that you should definitely consider. Read more about his improvements that led to the economic development of the 6th District.

The 6th District

This district provides too many entertainment opportunities to see them all, but you can read more about its cultural and social life.

Community Calendar

Spend your days participating in cultural and political events that aim to provide the authentic spirit of Illinois. Check the community calendar to be on top of the news