SPRINGFIELD – The following statement was released by Senate President John J. Cullerton following historic legislative action of pension reform:

“The legislative process involves compromise. When it comes to pension reform, a compromise was found at the intersection of policy and political feasibility. The General Assembly stumbled at this intersection for years. Now it’s time to move forward and allow the courts to rule on the constitutionality of our approach.

Pension reform has been my top priority. In the most recent legislative session, I supported all three comprehensive pension reform bills – and sponsored two of them. In the same spirit of compromise and leadership, I am supporting a leaders’ agreement to end this political stalemate. I applaud the conference committee, legislative leaders and all of the members of the General Assembly who worked to bring us to this point.

Pension reform isn’t done. I am committed to building on our momentum and providing relief for our local communities facing similar problems. Specifically, it is critical that we turn our focus to the financial crisis facing the Chicago Public Schools’ pension system. I look forward to working with all leaders on this critical issue.”