Proposal advances to governor’s desk

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois House overwhelmingly approved a measure to strengthen the legislature’s advice and consent role for reviewing government appointees. The legislation, sponsored by Senate President John Cullerton and Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno, ends the practice of "acting appointees" serving for unlimited periods of time without confirmation of the Senate.

"This reform is not about punishing members of the Governor’s administration, it’s about restoring the institutional role of the Senate in the executive appointment process," said President Cullerton.

Currently, more than 500 appointees serve in their posts even though their terms expired. Under the existing law, appointees must be reviewed and approved by the Illinois Senate. However, it is not uncommon for high-level administrators to continue to serve without re-appointment or review. Senate Bill 1 clarifies that this practice in no longer acceptable.

The proposed law will require the Governor to submit new nominations for all existing salaried appointees who are currently working for the state even though their previous terms expired. If they are not re-nominated, they are immediately removed from their positions. Unpaid appointees serving beyond their terms are granted a 30-day window to have their nominations submitted to the Senate.