"The Governor’s address is just the beginning of the budget process for FY 12. As Governor Quinn outlined his priorities today, it was clear that we share similar goals that include making significant cuts and keeping our commitments to those who do business with the state. Now the hard work begins.

The Governor's estimated revenues in FY 12 are $1.45 billion less than his proposed spending. At first glance the governor’s budget appears to rely on debt restructuring that has not been secured. I am among those with questions about how the governor plans to use these dollars if they are approved. I urge the governor to provide the details needed to advance his proposal.

The state should honor its commitments and that the people and businesses who provided services on behalf of Illinois deserve to be paid. This massive backlog of old bills covers all areas of the state, Republican and Democrat alike. If Republicans have a secret solution, it's time to unveil it. If Republicans are willing to have a conversation that doesn’t start with "No," I'm ready to listen. "