SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Senate President John Cullerton renewed his request that Governor Rauner put down his veto pen and instead meet with the legislative leaders to make sure he understands what is in the historic school funding overhaul before it arrives on his desk. Here is the full statement from Senate President John Cullerton.

“Last week, the governor didn’t know where he’s getting the education numbers he’s been using. He lashes out over what he calls a ‘Chicago bailout,’ but the same provision appears in his ‘plan.’ He calls Senate Bill 1 ‘historic’ and then says he will veto it immediately.

I’d like to have a conversation with Governor Rauner in hopes of getting some clarity as to exactly what is going on. We slowed down the process in the Senate in order to let everyone blow off some steam, politically speaking.

Six weeks later, the governor’s temper continues to flare. I don’t want him making statewide classroom funding decisions out of a position of anger.

I’d like the opportunity to make sure he knows what is in the proposal from the people who wrote it so he can make a rational decision.”