CHICAGO - Statement from Illinois Senate President John Cullerton regarding Moody’s downgrade:

“This shows how important it is to have a bipartisan budget solution. Wall Street is looking for signs of stability. Governor Rauner could start by signing the balanced, bipartisan, emergency budget for human service providers so that $700 million in bills can be paid to those businesses immediately. By signing that legislation today, the governor would send the signal that Illinois is a good investment and we are working together toward a balanced budget.”

SPRINGFIELD - Statement from Illinois Senate President John Cullerton regarding school funding priorities and approval of HB813:

“This legislation continues our efforts in the Senate to create a more equitable school funding system in which state dollars go to help students, schools and communities facing unfair challenges in providing a quality education.
In addition, this finally treats Chicago schools like all of the other public schools in the state in terms of pension funding.
And, we would provide Chicago schools with the resources needed to avoid devastating layoffs and hopefully avert labor strife.
I urge the Illinois House to quickly add its backing to this legislation.”

Read an overview of HB813 here.

SPRINGFIELD - Statement from Senate President John Cullerton regarding today’s legislative leaders meeting with the governor.

“We remain fully committed to the working groups, but the reality is that we need revenue with reforms to have a balanced budget, and it is the end of May.

If we run out of time, we have no backup plan to keep our state operating.

Today, I suggested a short-term compromise to keep the schools open, our universities open and our human service providers open while we continue to negotiate a broader, balanced budget solution.

I think that’s a practical way forward given reality.”

SPRINGFIELD - Statement from Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton regarding Senate approval of SB 250, which creates automatic voter registration system in Illinois.

“We have an opportunity to reduce government duplication and streamline services. We should take it. If we can get people registering when they get their drivers’ license, it will dramatically reduce the voter registration costs that are substantial at county and city offices across the state.”

“Illinois is continually recognized as a national leader in voter access and modernization. This policy maintains our leadership. I would hope that the Illinois House would similarly support this important legislation and the governor would sign it into law.”
SB 250 won Senate approval Thursday and now advances to the Illinois House.